Monday, May 08, 2006 File sharing and downloading site goes life

We have been beta testing our file sharing site and now we have gone life.
This site is setup so Nigerians everywhere can share files online. Any legally owned file can be shared from media such as music, video and movie files to resumes, publications, projects, thesis

Our FAQ is reproduced here:

What is the largest file I can upload?

The maximum allowed file size is 1 gigabyte.

How long will my files stay hosted here?

Your files will be kept on our servers forever

What can I do to help?

Web hosting and bandwidth costs money. Be a patriotic and helpful us by donating any amount!
If you are in human resources take a look at some of the resumes and contact the owners if they fit your profile

If you are in the entertainment business and you own any movies or music you want to share, feel free to upload it and if you find any music from new or unknown artists, email so we can provide you with the owners details

What can I share?

Any legal file in any of the supported formats

You can also share your resume, we intend to give access to major recruiting firms in Nigeria so hey can search for canadidates here or at least job seeekrs can use yours as a template.

You can share your final year project to help Nigerian undergraduates too or use the link to the file in your graduate school applications as a online reference

What to do when you find a file which violates your copyright?

Send an email immmediately to or use our free text messaging service to send us a text message

What movie formats are supported?

Only Windows Media Video for now or the dat file of a vcd. You can email to include other formats!

How do I upload movies and what format are the movies in?

You can copy the avseq001.dat file on the vcd under the MPEGAV folder. Movie copy tutorial is here

Are other movies formats supported?

Only Windows Media Video for now. But you can email us to include other formats


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