Wednesday, February 05, 2014

Re: enquiry

Dear friend,

Good day!
If you are looking for battery,  welcome to contact me.

Our main battery products:

1.  Curved batteries, MarkynCurved, flexible lithium polymer batteries, ---both primary & rechargeable
     Designed for products such as i-watches, sports bracelets and wrist straps.
     Note: Primary one is ultra-thin CP soft batteries, tiny 3.0V soft CP lithium batteries, Soft 3.0V batteries;
2.  Markyn-thin ultra-thin or tiny lithium polymer batteries and Markyn-thin primary lithium batteries(Li/MnO2)         Used in products such as  RFID cards, medical devices, and E-tags.
3.  ER, WR and CR batteries. High energy density primary batteries with 3.6V, 3V, and 2.85V. 
4. Battery packs: high C-Rage packs, extreme high or low temperature packs, smart battery packs with precision fuel gauges, memory function, and monitoring electronics.

Pls check the attachment to see the details.

Best & Rgds




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