Thursday, July 07, 2016

Hardware dependent digital signage software与您共享了相册。

邀请您观看 Hardware dependent digital signage software 的相册: Centralized management advertisement solution Attn Purchase manager
Centralized management advertisement solution Attn Purchase manager
提供者:Hardware dependent digital signage software
来自 Hardware dependent digital signage software 的消息:
Dear Sirs,

I am a sales manager at SYS Tech , a company focus on digital signage solution.

Our digital signage software systemsign2000 features as following :

SaaS based
Hardware dependent
No monthly/Annual Fees
Manage centralized from any device(PC/Tablet/Phone),using any operation system
Multi Media & Multi Windows Presentation
Easy Template Creation
Local and Central Scheduling
Content Update
Powerful Remote Management

90 days free trial account is available now. Welcome contact us to get trial account .

Best Regards

Anna Wang
Manager|Sales department No.3 Section
Tsinghua Hi-Tech Park, Nanshan, Shenzhen, China
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