Wednesday, March 05, 2014

AT. Distributor

Car Track GPS is looking for distributors for our products and services for your country. This is a business opportunity that we've already created for many companies around the globe.

We offer a web based vehicle and personal GPS tracking solution. This will allow you to create a new business: enabling you to offer tracking services to third parties and charge a monthly fee allowing them to generate tracking reports through a web browser.

You can start earning monthly fees by offering vehicle location services to other companies.

We can provide you a complete Web Server installed in your office remotely with remote maintenance and free software upgrades. This includes a lifetime warranty: if your Web Server gets damaged we will fix it or reinstall it from scratch. You will be provided the Administrator rights to control the Server and add an unlimited number of vehicles, users and fleets.

Please add my Skype for more information about the proposal:
Skype: pablo.zacheo

Our offer consists of 1 SERVER and several GPS tracking units.
Everything you need to start running a new business:
4 pcs iTRACKPro AVL
official distributorship agreement
door to door shipping
your own SERVER installed and configured by us!
unlimited upgrades and tech-support for a lifetime
With the PRO KIT you can start your own tracking business and diversify your investment.

You can add me to Skype to discuss this business opportunity further.

Best regards,
Mr. Pablo Zacheo
Car Track GPS
USA: +1305 3283 889
USA: +1305 4241 494
Skype: pablo.zacheo

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Our company is dully registered and has customers in +100 countries.
With 17 years of experience in vehicle tracking and electronic security systems.
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