Monday, December 12, 2016

Websites for Professionals


I noticed your website. Would you like to add a full business solution with customer interaction (ecommerce, questionnaires, surveys, etc) and marketing automation (advertising optimization, remarketing to current customers, accelerating referrals, managing reviews) to your current solution.

My name is Robert from Ocoos. At Ocoos, we have a technology platform that encompaes all of your online needs (mobile friendly website, SEO, secure content management, ecommerce, CRM, analytics, and more).

If you are a developer, you can use this capability to offer a complete solution for your customers. If you are not a developer, we can build the solution for you with our award winning concierge service at a surprisingly affordable price.

Ocoos is the recognized leader in internet technology. We are a significant company with Fortune 100 companies like Dell, IBM, and Microsoft partnering with us.

Please allow me to show you how we can help your business. If interested, simply reply to this message with your phone number and a couple of times when we can chat.

Robert Powers
Business Development Manager
Office: 844-669-3366
Robert Powers Wondering about the quote? Ask me :)

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