Sunday, February 24, 2013

Android app for web based GPS tracking

CarTrack GPS has launched a new Android application which enables a fast and direct way to track vehicles, persons and assets in a new way.
With this app - which is available in Google Market - you can access assets from every location and with an add-on you could even convert an Android Tablet or Phone into a GPS tracking device.
Please check our product list at
We also offer a Business to Busines turnkey and CarTrack GPS products are in constant development & evolution towards new applications.
Please contact us for the Professional KIT promotion for this month which allows you to obtain complete solutions for a fraction of the price. This will allow you to start your own professional business and obtain an additional monthly income.
For further information please contact me directly.
Best regards,
Sebastian Calabria
CarTrack GPS
USA: + 1 305 328 3889
Miami: + 1 305 424 1494
Mexico: + 52 55 3687 7140
Skype: cartrack-s.calabria
Skype: pablo.zacheo
CarTrack GPS is member of MGO GROUP. Our company is dully registered and supervised by DGI and BPS government institutions. Our company is registered under the RUT: 110312880018. We work with Banco Republica BROU declared as the bank of the decade.
CarTrack GPS has customers in over 100 countries. We have 16 years of experience in GPS tracking solutions and electronic security systems. If this information doesn't suit you, please reply to these email with the word REMOVE in the subject and receive our apologizes for any inconvenience. Additionally you can request to be removed here at:


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