Tuesday, April 02, 2013

Vehicle tracking business: residual income

I'm Sebastian Calabria from CarTrack GPS, leader in GPS solutions for Fleet Tracking and vehicle theft prevention. I'm contacting you to offer the distributorship of our products and solutions for your country.
I would like to inform you that during this month you will be able to obtain a 10% and 15% discount for the order of our GPS KITs solutions. This discount will be available during the entire month and will allow you to adquire our complete solution through a lower investment than we normally offer.
This Promotion aims to provide you with the opportunity to purchase our system for a lower cost. Today, over 300 companies are working with our solution through the initial purchase of one of our GPS KITs. In November we established corporate bonds with 57 companies, of which 36 began their journey in the vehicle tracking business through the PROKIT.
    PRO KIT: USD 2540            
    =>    USD 2159

    STARTER KIT: USD 1240   
      =>    USD 1116
This is the right time to start, do not hesitate to contact me to learn more about the potential of our GPS KITs, for discounts on our Web SERVER and even for volume orders.
Our solution allows vehicle or personal tracking, with internal battery, water resistant and shockproof, high sensitivity allows for indoor tracking, low power consumption and small size, panic button included without extra cost.
Find the most innovative fleet tracking solutions at http://www.itrackprogps.com/

iTrackPro AVL new features
-Digital Odometer ultra precise
-Fuel consumption estimation (without tank perforation!)
-Backup system for zones without GPRS coverage
-Abbility to notify you or the owner by Email or SMS
-Create unlimited number of geozones and detect speed excess (depending on the zone)
iTrackPro ADVANCE new features
-Remote driver detection by RFID
-Vehicle allowance/dissallowance depending on the driver ID
-Detect incorrect driver behaviour with accelerometer
I would like to show you why we're different: we care about our customers and we help them out in every step.
Our technicians use remote access technology to sort things out immediately every day even on weekends. Also we offer to adapt our system to your needs.
    You own the server at your office or VPS
    Embed your own banner and logo
    No monthly fees, no third party servers
    Remote installation, 100% turnkey solution
    No user limit, no vehicle limit, no database limit
    No waiting list, no limitations on the number of features
    Fast technical support, helpful technical advice direct to the point
    Everything you need to start running a new business
    plus 2 pcs iTRACKPro AVL
    plus Official Distributorship Agreement
    plus Door to door shipping
    plus your own SERVER valued at USD 2500 installed and configured by us!
    plus unlimited upgrades and tech-support for a lifetime
We accept credit cards through Paypal. We accept Western Union and T/T.
With the PRO KIT you can start your own tracking business and diversify your investment.
Add me to Skype to discuss this business opportunity further.
Warm Regards;
Lic. Sebastian Calabria
CarTrack GPS
USA: + 1 305 328 3889
USA: + 1 305 424 1494
Skype: cartrack-s.calabria
Skype: pablo.zacheo   (Technical advice)
Email: sales@itrackprogps.com
CarTrack GPS is dully registered and has customers in +100 countries.
With 16 years of experience in vehicle tracking and electronic security systems.
If this information doesn't suit you please reply to this email with the word REMOVE on the subject and accept our apologizes for any inconveniences. You can request automated removal also here: http://www.itrackprogps.com/remove.html


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Technology has revolutionized the way small businesses operate, and running a fleet of vehicles is no exception. By not taking advantage of these solutions in your day-to-day operations, you're missing out on opportunities to increase efficiency and save money. Electronic Logging Devices

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